What is The Bereavement Café?

The Bereavement Café is a pop up service moving around Bolton, Wigan and surrounding areas. We offer peer to peer support, the opportunity to meet others in your locality who are going through similar situations, friendship, advice and hope. Whether you yourself are struggling with your own Grief, want to chat about how to support someone close to you through their Grief or maybe you’re a local school or business and want to know how to support people on your role or your customers with Bereavement.

Come along, get yourself a drink and we are here waiting to meet you.

Where did the idea come from?

Over the last few years following the loss of my husband, I have had many people ask me “When are you going for counselling or do you not think it’s time you had counselling”

Whilst I appreciate many people will benefit from bereavement counselling, the thing I wanted and found I was missing was to meet like-minded people, to meet others going through the same as me or similar. To be able to listen to their stories and find common ground and hope. The thing I really needed was friendships and advice from people who really got what I meant.

This is where the idea for The bereavement Café originated.

It is important to recognise how much peer to peer services around bereavement are needed more than ever. The subject of death and dying can’t be taboo any longer.

A lot of people who have lost a loved one without being able to say goodbye, without being able to view the body or with our being ale to give their loved ones the send off they deserved.

Unfortunately, over the last year many have had to face the decision of picking only a handful of people to pay their respects at funerals leaving so many people without the closure a funeral ceremony can provide.

This has left a lot of undelivered communications with our loved ones and between families and friends who would normally be able to be there when someone like yourself needs support. There are many people like myself who were struggling with stress and anxiety with built up emotions a lot of us are unequipped to deal with. Left unaddressed these issues can lead some people down bad behavioural pathways in an attempt to feel better and in some cases lead to depression, drinking and alcohol abuse, drug abuse, self harm, gambling and other harmful behaviours 

The Bereavement Café isn’t just for those who have lost people they love but I also encourage those of you that are responsible for the well-being of children and young adults to get in touch to see how I can help provide you with the training to equip these young minds with the techniques to make grieving for a loved one an easier process that it often is. 

We are not counsellors nor therapists. We are all bereaved in various ways and will be here to offer a safe space to listen and support one another, offering advice and signposting where needed.

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28th April The Bereavement Cafe Chapter 1 Tea rooms, Hindley. Wigan 12.30 - 3

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